The 5 star podcast, rated as the #1 Podcast to guide you through COVID-19 by Yahoo Finance and Business Insider, and consistently ranking in the Top Career Charts for Apple Podcasts Australia and countries throughout Europe and Asia, The Boss in Heels Podcast by Lara Nercessian is a mindset, career and business-focused show that provides in-depth conversations with CEOs, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and world class performers.

Lara has deployed the founder’s mentality by uniquely positioning the show and inspiring individuals to achieve greatness, even during a pandemic. The result of such hard work is that the Boss in Heels brand through its mediums (social/web/podcast) has attracted hundreds of thousands of monthly views from all over the globe. 

Podcast guests open up to Lara because of her earnest and disarming demeanour. Listeners are both inspired and uplifted because of Lara’s thought-provoking questions, natural curiosity, positivity and relatable disposition. 

The show illuminates the careers, stories, challenges and mindset of her guests, resulting in listeners taking away practical tools and tactics which they can apply in their careers and their lives. 


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All POdcast Episodes

Deborah Papazoglu: The Queen Of Digital Talks Impact, Confidence & Learning To Say Yes Before You Feel Ready (Episode 98)

Solo Episode: 10 Strategies To Get Out Of A Mid-Year Slump & Propel Your Life Forward (Episode 97)

Tammy (Soglanich) Bennett: Star of Luxe Listings Sydney On Real Estate, Fashion & What It Takes To Get Ahead In Business & Life (Episode 96)

Solo Episode: 10 Ways To Nail Your Next Job Interview (Episode 95)

Solo Episode: 7 Daily Habits That Will Positively Improve Your Life (Episode 94)

Solo Episode: 5 Strategies To Make Every Week Run Smoother (Episode 93)

Solo Episode: 10 Ways To Curate & Live A More Beautiful Life (Episode 92)

Solo Episode: Strategies To Crush It In Your Career & Win Over Your Boss (Episode 91)

Solo Episode On Beauty & Style – My Personal Practices To Level Up In Business & Life (Episode 90)

Adrienne Monteverde: Making The Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur, Finding Your Niche & Overcoming Perfectionism (Episode 89)

Solo Episode On Strategies To Set Unapologetic Boundaries In Work & Life (Episode 88)

Solo Episode: Life & Personal Growth Update – March 2022 (Episode 87)

Erica Berchtold: CEO Of The Iconic On Impact, Influence & Building An Iconic Brand (Episode 86)

Solo Episode: 5 Ways To Effectively Manage Stress & Overwhelm (Episode 85)

Solo Episode: How To Set & Elevate Your Standards In Work & Life (Episode 84)

Friska Wirya: Using Your Heart, Head & Hands To Cultivate Change & Lead With Authority (Episode 83).

7 Strategies To Gain More Focus & Elevate Your Performance From Average To Elite (Episode 82)

Amy Jarman: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Dominating The Music Industry (Episode 81)

Solo Episode: How To Break Bad Habits & Drastically Improve The Quality of Your Life (Episode 80)

Danny Morel: Unlocking Your Highest Potential & Living As Your Truest Self (Episode 79)

Solo Episode: Your Guide To Crushing It In 2022 & Setting Audacious Goals You Actually Stick To (Episode 78)

Solo Episode: 5 Unforgettable Lessons 2021 Taught Me & End Of Year Thoughts (Episode 77)

Mark Metry: From Extreme Shyness To Forbes Featured TedX Speaker: The Journey Of Being Yourself & Eliminating Social Anxiety (Episode 76)

Solo Episode: Life & Personal Growth Update Incl. Bonus Q&A On Austin, Texas (Episode 75)

Amal Wakim: How To Back Yourself, Build An Empire & Still Create Balance (Episode 74)

Solo Episode: Small Changes Which Have Positively Improved My Life (Episode 73)

Solo Episode: How To Keep Criticism From Killing Your Dreams (Episode 72)

Solo Episode On 3 Steps To Take Now To Crush It In 2022 (Episode 71)

Anna Bezuglova: How To Develop A World-Shaker Mindset, Become A Woman Of Influence & Build Powerful Relationships (Episode 75)

Solo Episode: Healthy Choices In A World Of Unhealthy Options (Episode 69).

Solo Episode: Self-Care Strategies To Avoid End Of Year Burnout (Episode 68)

Darcy Milne: The No. 1 Audio Producer Of The Year Spills The Tea On How To Create A Top-Rated Podcast – Part 2 (Episode 67).

Darcy Milne & Lara Nercessian: My Podcast Producer & I Switch Seats & Interviews Me For The Show (Episode 66)

Solo Episode: 5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned by 35 – Special Birthday Episode (Ep 65)

Solo Episode: 10 Healthy Habits To Create More Energy, Positivity & Vitality (Episode 64)

Solo Episode: 5 Strategies To Create More Consistency In Your Life (Episode 63)

Rebekah Campbell: The Co-Founder Of Hey You Talks Entrepreneurship, Big Vision Ideas & 138 Dates (Episode 62)

Solo Episode: 5 Strategies To Overcome Your Fears of Showing Up Online (Episode 61)

Solo Episode: Negotiating New Jobs, Asking For Flexible Working Arrangements & More (Episode 60)

Solo Episode On Personal Development & Life Update – August 2021 (Episode 59)

Jade Spooner: Equalution’s Co-Founder Gives Us Her Blueprint To Building a 10 x Business (Episode 58)

Solo Episode: How To Win Over Your Boss (Episode 57)

Solo Episode: 5 Strategies To Skyrocket Your Confidence (Episode 56)

3 Life-Changing Questions To Ask Yourself For An Extraordinary Life (Episode 55)

John Lee Dumas: Q&A With A Giant In The Business & Entrepreneurial Space (Episode 54)

5 Strategies To Get Yourself Out Of A Mid-Year Slump (Episode 53)

Solo Episode: 10 Tips To Effectively Work From Home (Episode 52)

5 Of The Biggest Life Lessons I’ve Learned (Episode 51)

Chris Morsley: My Legendary Coach Teaches Us How To Develop Power, Presence & Influence (Episode 50)

Cass Spies: The Ice-Cream Queen Gives Her Step-By-Step Guide To Building An Empire (Episode 49)

How to Build A Powerful Personal Brand (Episode 48)

Solo Episode: How To Remain Calm In Chaotic Corporate Environments & Deal With Difficult People (Episode 47)

Podcast: Ella Podmore – How McLaren’s Engineer Of The Year Is Creating Her Own Future (Episode 46)

Podcast: Solo Episode On Personal Development & Life Update – May 2021 (Episode 45)

Podcast: Samantha Wills – The Iconic Jewellery Designer On Building An Empire & Walking Away On Top (Episode 44)

Podcast: Janey Martino – The Founder Of Smiling Mind Talks Meditation, Startups and Her Secrets To Success

Podcast: Sally Bruce – The Big Bank CEO On Authenticity, Creating Balance & The Mindset You Need To Lead (Episode 42)

Podcast: 5 Strategies To Creating Boundaries & Saying No Gracefully (Episode 41)

Podcast: Jo Eleanor – From Doctor To Artist, A Master Calligrapher Details Her Incredible Career Change (Episode 40)

Podcast: 5 Practices To Live A More Positive Life (Episode 39)

Podcast: Anna Young – The Leadership Expert On How To Break Free Of Limiting Beliefs & Achieve Career Success (Episode 38)

Podcast: Personal Development & Life Update March 2021 (Episode 37)

Podcast: International Women’s Day With World Class Talent Manager Alexia Dobbin (Episode 36)

Podcast: Solo Episode On 7 Strategies To Overcome Perfectionism (Episode 35)

Podcast: Solo Episode – How To Create An Elite Morning Routine & Start Rising Early (Episode 34)

Podcast: Solo Episode On Power Planning & Getting Organised In 2021 (Episode 33)

Podcast: Solo Episode On How To Set Audacious Goals In 2021 You Actually Stick To (Episode 32)

Podcast: Siri Lindley – The Legendary Athlete On How To Fearlessly Find Your Purpose In Life (Episode 31)

Podcast: Solo Episode – Life Update, Personal Development & 2021 Planning (Episode 30)

Podcast: Solo Episode On 5 Key Lessons I’ve Learned From 2020 (Episode 29)

Podcast: Tandia Walsh & Elle Peter – The Brains Behind Mother SPF On Necessity Being The Mother Of All Invention (Episode 28)

Podcast: Bahar Etminan – Rising From The Ashes, Founding Rescu & Living A Life Of Style, Substance & Success (Episode 27)

Podcast: 5 Steps to Take Now To Crush It In 2021 (Episode 26)

Podcast: Janine Garner – Unleashing Brilliance, Being Bold & Leading A Life Of Influence (Episode 25)

Podcast: Claude Silver – Chief Heart Officer VaynerMedia On Pushing Boundaries, Creating Culture & Having Heart (Episode 24)

Podcast: Solo Episode On 7 Strategies To Seriously Make A Mark In Your Career (Episode 23)

Podcast: Solo Episode On How I Manage A Side Hustle With A Demanding Full Time Job (Episode 22)

Podcast: Camilla Cleese – Growing Up With A Famous Father, Overcoming Significant Struggles & Dominating The Stand-Up Comedy Space (Episode 21)

Podcast: Solo Episode On Overcoming Shyness, Building Careers, Founding Boss in Heels, Creating The Podcast & More (Episode 20)

Podcast: Wendy El-Khoury – CEO & Founder Of Wedded Wonderland On Saving Our Weddings, Building A Social Media Community Of +1.5 Million, Entrepreneurship, Purpose & More (Episode 19)

Podcast: Nathalie Colin – Former Creative Director & VP Of Communication Swarovski On Pursuing Big Dreams, Creativity, Finding Your Voice & Driving Positive Change (Episode 18)

Podcast: Krystal Barter – Founder Of Pink Hope & Humanise Health On Overcoming Adversity, Having Hope & Finding Purpose (Episode 17)

Podcast: Victoria Curtis – Founder Of Curtis Collection Cosmetics On Beauty, Confidence & Making Your Mark (Episode 16)

Podcast: Stephanie Caltabiano Cherrington – Founder Of Sant Elia On Fulfilling Purpose & Creativity, Authenticity, Balancing Motherhood & More (Episode 15)

Podcast: Belinda Agnew – Overcoming Bullying, Breaking The Internet & Disrupting The HR Tech World (Episode 14)

Podcast: Elena Cardone – Building a Billion Dollar Empire (Episode 1)

Solo Episode: Life & Personal Growth Update – June 2022 (Episode 99)

The 100th Powerhouse Special Of The Boss In Heels Podcast Ft. Anna Bezzu, Belinda Agnew, Friska Wirya & Tima Elhajj (Episode 100)

Maz Coote: Climbing The Corporate Ladder From Assistant to General Manager, Transitioning From Employee To Entrepreneur & Establishing A Successful PR Agency (Episode 08)

Rosanna Iacono - Climbing the Corporate Ladder to C-Suit & Beyond, finding purpose & overcoming adversity (episode 05)

Solo Episode: 10 Tips To Create An Effective Work From Home Routine (Episode 03)

Solo Episode: Your Guide To Crushing It In 2020 (Episode 2)

Veronika Popyk: Founder Of The Social Sundays On Creating An Elevated Online Brand, Attracting High-Paying Clientele & Skyrocketing Your Business (Episode 101)

Jessica Wilson - Becoming A Successful Tech Founder, Building Resilience, Creating Opportunities & Making Your Mark (Episode 06)

Amy Castano - The Art of Building a Successful Online Brand & Gaining Half a Million Fans (Episode 07)

Lexy Dobbin: Becoming a World Blass Talent manager, Disrupting The Music Industry & Never Taking No for An Answer (Episode 09)

Rebecca Veksler: Founder of Sol Cups on Building A Successful Global Brand, Finding Purpose & Changing the Sustainability Game (Episode 10)

Carmella Galasso: Heading Up Small Business Banking For ANZ Bank, Mentorship, Overcoming Breast Cancer, Finding Purpose & More (Episode 11)

Nicole Madden: Founding Champagne Smile Teeth Whitening Services, Making Personal Sacrifices & Navigating Through Covid -19 (Episode 12)

Elinor Moshe: Founding The Construction Coach, Creating Impact, Becoming a Best-Seller Author & Taking Massive Action (Episode 13)

Solo Episode: 5 Ways To Create More Calm & Order In Your Life (Episode 04)

Solo Episode: 10 Life-Changing Lessons I’ve Learned From 100 Episodes Of The Podcast (Episode 102)

Solo Episode: 5 Strategies To Crush It In The Second Half Of 2022 (Episode 103)

Mark Seeto: Virgin Active’s Podcast Host & Global Head Of Yoga & Pilates On Mastering Mindfulness, Wellness & Vitality (Episode 104) 

Solo Episode On 10 Little Luxuries To Make Every Day Feel More Elevated & Beautiful (Episode 105)

Alison Egan & Maria Lucas On Becoming Business Partners, Setting Firm Boundaries, Daily Routines & Backing Yourself (Episode 106)

Solo Episode: Introducing Boss Routines – Elevate Your Routine, Elevate Your Life (Episode 108)

Solo Episode: 5 Ways To Curate An Elite Routine To Show Up With Increased Presence, Radiance & Energy (Episode 107)

Solo Episode: 5 Practical Ways To Resting & Recharging – And Ditching the Burnout (Episode 109)

Solo Episode: 5 Strategies To Get Organised So That Every Week Runs Smoother (Episode 110)

Solo Episode: Life & Personal Growth Update – September 2022 (Episode 111)

Solo Episode: 5 Ways To Overcome Your Fears Of Showing Up Online (Episode 112)

Solo Episode: 5 Beauty & Style Mistakes That Are Inadvertently Holding You Back (Episode 113)

Solo Episode: 5 Time Management Strategies That Will 10X Your Productivity (Episode 114)

Solo Episode: 6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned By 36 – Special Birthday Episode (Episode 115)