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Like so many women, I always knew that my dreams could never fit within the constraints of a corporate office and that I was destined for more. So in 2016 despite some of my deepest fears, I launched a purpose-led blog site which eventually grew into an award-winning podcast show, coaching and consultancy business. 


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I’m Lara Nercessian. I’m an Executive of a Billion Dollar Company, Host of a Top-Rated Podcast Show and Online Educator helping ambitious individuals focus their energy to overcome their fears and build a magnificent presence.


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Teaching you to unapologetically sit in the CEO’s seat & take control of your life
So that you can step into your magnificence and show up like the powerhouse you are.

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Ready to establish elite routines? Ready to 10 x your productivity? Ready to radically shift your energy and show up powerfully to any stage, room or social media platform? My signature programs and private mentorship will help you overcome your fears, radiate from within and skyrocket your performance from average to world-class. 

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As a long time listener of The Boss in Heels Podcast, the decision to work with Lara was a no-brainer and easily the best investment I've ever made. I've been able to experience profound mindset shifts, embed solid routines for success and reach some of my biggest career, financial and personal goals.
- Sophia H


I am so grateful to have met Lara and completed the Mindset Coaching program which has been a HUGE game-changer for me. She has been a tremendous support to my personal development journey, and it was the best investment I made in myself. Lara you are the definition of a POWERHOUSE and I admire all that you do. Her on-going support, kindness, willingness to share her own experiences has gifted me with perspective and direction I would not have otherwise had, can't thank her enough. 
- Rachelle S


Since working with Lara on my personal branding I now have a digital presence which I am proud to share. My website and social platforms have gone crazy through all the strategies Lara helped to implement, ramping my activity by 400% and receiving continuous offers, requests and opportunities. I never would have been able to navigate this without Lara's knowledge and expertise.
- Peter S

The 5 star podcast, rated number 1 by Business Insider & Yahoo Finance designed for ambitious individuals seeking exclusive access to the habits, mindsets, routines and rituals of inspirational CEOs. Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders and other World Class Performers.