Before I started Boss in Heels, I was a shy, timid girl with big dreams and yet no idea how to get after them. From my early days as a Graduate of Psychology and an Assistant in Human Resources, I quickly realised that I was living on pre-set tracks:

-Graduate from University
-Enter the Workforce
-Begin the treacherous journey of climbing the corporate ladder

Whilst everything seemed like it was going great on the surface, I quickly learned the artificial limitations that I had placed on myself from early childhood, which became the habits of my norm. I realised that my dreams could never fit within the constraints of a corporate office and that I was destined for more.

And then things started to take a different turn…
I started getting curious with myself and asking myself big, life-changing questions.


I’m Lara Nercessian. I’m an Executive Presence & Mindset Expert, Speaker and Host of a Top-Rated Podcast Show helping ambitious individuals focus their energy to overcome their fears and build a magnificent presence.

Questions such as:

What is my purpose?
What kind of impact do I want to make in the world?
What would happen if I unapologetically went for it?
The answers to these questions led me to going on a deep journey of self-discovery and founding a purpose-led blog site – a place where I could share my personal growth and career insights, elite habits I had established all whilst helping others overcome their fears of showing up in person and online. 

Since the launch of Boss in Heels in 2016, what initially started as a series of blog posts has since evolved into a business beyond my wildest dreams. The Boss in Heels Podcast has been rated as one of the top career podcasts on Apple Podcasts Australia and rated as #1 in Business Insider and Yahoo Finance amongst many other publications. 

I’ve also worked and connected with some extraordinary individuals, C-level executives and founders to get out of their own way and achieve their goals.
I’m now on a mission to creating a movement for ambitious individuals seeking elite routines, establishing CEO mindsets and attaining world-class performance to help them unapologetically show up like the powerhouses that they are.

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My business timeline

Launched my WordPress blog Boss in Heels and bravely started sharing my first articles on LinkedIn. 
Started my Instagram page, re-posting inspirational quotes and photos.


Launched The Boss in Heels Podcast and Interviewed Elena Cardone, co-founder of a Billion Dollar Empire. 
Invited to major global events through brand collaborations and sponsors, met and connected with world-class CEOs and Entrepreneurs. 


The Boss in Heels Podcast featured by Business Insider and Yahoo Finance as the number one podcast to listen to. 
Launched my consulting business, coaching ambitious individuals and creating powerhouse profiles for CEO’s and Founders.


Invited to my first industry event as a keynote speaker and added as a professional speaker on professional speaking directories. 
Started writing and posting my own inspirational quotes on Instagram and showing my face and personality more on my account.


The Boss in Heels Podcast landed some major guests and hit the top 5 podcast charts. 
Launched The Boss in Heels Learning Academy and formalized coaching and mentorship offerings.


Landed my first collaboration with Success Resources and began writing articles for other websites.
Invited to attend my first industry event as a VIP guest.

Undertook a major rebrand and website relaunch from Boss in Heels to Lara Nercessian. Launched my first two online programs – Boss Routines and A New Era, helping dozens of women create elite level systems, routines and 10X their productivity.

Launched my WordPress blog Boss in Heels and bravely started sharing my first articles on LinkedIn. 
Started my Instagram page, re-posting inspirational quotes and photos.


Made the bold leap from employee to entrepreneur. Transitioned from my Corporate Position as an Executive for a Billion Dollar Group to running my coaching & speaking business full time.

Teaching you to unapologetically sit in the CEO’s seat & take control of your life, so that you can step into your magnificence and show up like the powerhouse you are.

Sit In The CEO’s Seat & take control

1. Boss routines Routines

2. The Uplevel Experience

3. Private mentorship

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Ready to establish elite routines? Ready to 10 x your productivity? Ready to radically shift your energy and show up powerfully to any stage, room or social media platform? My signature programs and private mentorship will help you overcome your fears, radiate from within and skyrocket your performance from average to world-class. 


I am so grateful to have met Lara and completed the Mindset Coaching program which has been a HUGE game-changer for me. She has been a tremendous support to my personal development journey, and it was the best investment I made in myself. Lara you are the definition of a POWERHOUSE and I admire all that you do. Her on-going support, kindness, willingness to share her own experiences has gifted me with perspective and direction I would not have otherwise had, can't thank her enough. 
- Rachelle S


As a long time listener of The Boss in Heels Podcast, the decision to work with Lara was a no-brainer and easily the best investment I've ever made. I've been able to experience profound mindset shifts, embed solid routines for success and reach some of my biggest career, financial and personal goals.
- Sophia H


Since working with Lara on my personal branding I now have a digital presence which I am proud to share. My website and social platforms have gone crazy through all the strategies Lara helped to implement, ramping my activity by 400% and receiving continuous offers, requests and opportunities. I never would have been able to navigate this without Lara's knowledge and expertise.
- Peter S

The 5 star podcast, rated number 1 by Business Insider & Yahoo Finance designed for ambitious individuals seeking exclusive access to the habits, mindsets, routines and rituals of inspirational CEOs. Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders and other World Class Performers.