10 Productive Things To Do From Home

  1. Sarah Walshe says:

    I have been learning to play piano for the first time along with my 9yr-old son. Lucky to belong to a gym group who have converted to zoom plus taking my kids for a long walk every day (almost). Reading a book to compare with my book club online next month. Sitting in the sun to knit and crochet from the front porch and saying hello to passers-by. I can feel myself mentally preparing to rehash the whole kitchen, trying to recruit my husband though!

    • Lara says:

      Wow, thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas and experiences, Sarah! It sounds like you have been using this time incredibly productively – well done! I especially love that you are learning to play the piano with your son – that is so wonderful. Good luck with the kitchen renovation – I hope all goes well!

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