Personal Development Update: August 2020

  1. Jennifer @TheDesignerSocial says:

    I need to also read this book who doesn’t want to be rich?!
    My personal development has been out on hold the last while. I need to continue reading my book and start writing again. I need to pencil these into life.

    • Lara says:

      It’s a really great read full of so much practical advice – I think you’ll really enjoy it! I would so love to see you writing and posting on your blog again – you are so very talented!

  2. Robert Babajan - USA says:

    woW: Such prodigious throughput from an accomplished industry motivator > Thank you Lara for your seemingly never- ending LEVEL OF ENERGY (not sure where you find the time  ). The responses to your ‘Boss in heals’ contributions has made me set the alarm an hour early each day just as you inspired others who consume your thoughts on those podcasts. Timely

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