Tima Elhajj is one of my very good friends and happens to be the Queen of LinkedIn. She is the CEO and Founder of Tima Media – a high end LinkedIn Media Agency working with the most successful & respected CEO’s in the world. Tima Media work with CEO’s & Founders converge their emotional intelligence with their social presence. They help elevate their online presence by creating strong social currency that is meaningful. Tima is an International Speaker & host of her own Podcast called Deconstructing Success. She has an insatiable desire when it comes to learning from the best in the world & an obsession with how successful people […]


May 8, 2024

Tima Elhajj: The Queen Of LinkedIn On The Power of Personal Brand, Cultivating Community & Making An Impact (Episode 163)

Tima Elhajj

The doors to my program Boss Routines are now closed. To get on the waitlist for the next intake in 2023, you can drop your details here: https://laranercessian.com/boss-routines In this solo episode of The Boss in Heels Podcast, I share 5 practical ways you can overcome your fears of showing up online. There are numerous reasons why showing up online may benefit you from a business and personal perspective. I have both observed in others and experienced within my own life the many benefits of showing up online despite the feelings of fear and extreme discomfort. In this episode, you’ll learn: You can listen to the full episode by searching […]


September 7, 2022

Solo Episode: 5 Ways To Overcome Your Fears Of Showing Up Online (Episode 112)

Overcome fears

In this episode of The Boss in Heels Podcast I speak with Veronika Popyk, Founder of The Social Sundays. Veronika is on a mission to unapologetically bring her desire for true connection with other women into the online space. Through her work, Veronika creates lasting, impactful relationships with women whilst reinventing their brand in a way that brings them unshakeable confidence and high-paying clientele. Veronika and I worked intimately for a period of 6 weeks on my brand redesign and new website www.laranercessian.com and I am so thrilled with the final result. So naturally, I had to have Veronika come on the show to talk about the process and why […]


June 22, 2022

Veronika Popyk: Founder Of The Social Sundays On Creating An Elevated Online Brand, Attracting High-Paying Clientele & Skyrocketing Your Business (Episode 101)

Veronika Popyk