We are living in an extraordinarily challenging and uncertain time of our lives. COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, impacting our schools, workplaces, communities and lives. Feelings of stress and anxiety have certainly reached an all time high. It is so important, especially throughout this current climate, to maintain a sense of calm and control in our lives. Even though this episode was recorded prior to COVID-19, the practices and strategies I describe are still very applicable and relevant to our current lives. In this podcast episode, I cover 5 key ways you can create calm and order in your life, even during the most challenging and stressful of times. […]


April 29, 2020

Solo Episode: 5 Ways To Create More Calm & Order In Your Life (Episode 04)


“To be calm is the highest achievement of the self.” – Zen Proverb. One of the things I’ve constantly strived to achieve is a sense of calm and order in my life. Being organised is something which has innately been me. However, being more calm is something which has required practice and effort. I’ve always admired those who are able to remain calm amongst chaos. Remaining calm irrespective of whether you are in the workplace, home or in any personal relationship is a huge competitive advantage. It is a skill, and a valuable one one at that. In this article, I share the key practices I’ve put in place to […]

Organisation, Wellness

October 13, 2019

How I Create Calm & Order In My Life