Friska Wirya is a thought leader, TedX speaker, and Global Change Expert. Friska was the former Head of Change at the biggest gold miner in the Southern hemisphere, leading digital transformation changes to achieve US$170m annual saving. She infiltrated a digital-first culture across 4 countries to create a strong foundation to drive adoption of new and emerging technologies, achieving recognition such as the Most Innovative Hard Hat from Apple and various industry awards.  Prior to this, Friska was the Global Change Lead for multi-million dollar projects spanning technology, structure, process and people, impacting +23,000 at Tier 1 engineering firm Worley, and was one of the founding consultants for Fujitsu Australia’s […]


December 14, 2022

Friska Wirya: Overcoming Fears & Dominating The TedX Stage (Episode 126)

Friska Wirya

Mark Metry is the creator and host of Humans 2.0, a podcast that explores mental health and social anxiety in today’s rapidly changing world. Mark focuses on scientifically proven methods to improve your mental health and some of the episodes cover how your diet can help beat depression and anxiety, to a practical guide on how to network if you’re shy or introverted. Before Mark became a podcast host, Forbes Featured TEDx keynote speaker, bestselling author, and social anxiety coach, he was crippled with long-term anxiety, depression, and obesity. It was so bad that, not only could he barely make eye contact with people, he started down the tragic path […]


December 15, 2021

Mark Metry: From Extreme Shyness To Forbes Featured TedX Speaker: The Journey Of Being Yourself & Eliminating Social Anxiety (Episode 76)

Mark Metry