In this solo episode of The Boss in Heels Podcast, I share 10 ways I’ve positively enhanced the experience and quality of my life.  In this episode, you’ll learn: You can listen to the full episode by searching for The Boss in Heels Podcast on: You can also listen directly simply by clicking the link below: If you enjoy this episode, please take a moment to subscribe, rate and review the Boss in Heels Podcast on Apple Podcasts! Please also recommend the podcast to a friend, family member, colleague or someone in your network who you know would benefit from listening to these episodes. Not only does it help us to grow the […]


February 27, 2024

Lara Nercessian: Solo Episode On 10 Ways I’ve Positively Improved The Quality Of My Life (Episode 158)

Quality of life The Boss in Heels Podcast

Special Announcement: Sign up for my free live masterclass on curating elite routines here: In this solo episode of The Boss in Heels Podcast, I share 5 ways to curate an elite routine so that you can show up with increased presence, radiance and energy.  Having an elite routine has helped me profoundly in more ways than I ever could have imagined. It has enabled me to move from an Assistant to Executive, sit in the CEO’s seat when it comes to my own life and experience more health, wealth, vitality, love and fulfilment than I’ve ever experienced before.  In this episode, you’ll learn: The importance of setting intentions […]


August 3, 2022

Solo Episode: 5 Ways To Curate An Elite Routine To Show Up With Increased Presence, Radiance & Energy (Episode 107)

Elite routine

In this solo episode of The Boss in Heels Podcast, I speak with Mark Seeto, Head of Global Yoga & Pilates for Virgin Active. After starting his career in finance, Mark decided to make a change for something that was more authentic to who he is. Mark began working as a personal trainer at Virgin Active, which was the beginning of a remarkable journey through fitness, yoga, and mindfulness, as well as corporate success. Mark now hosts the Virgin Active Minds Podcast, where he interviews some of the brightest minds in health and wellness.  In this episode, we cover: Mark’s career trajectory – including how he made the transition from a […]


July 13, 2022

Mark Seeto: Virgin Active’s Podcast Host & Global Head Of Yoga & Pilates On Mastering Mindfulness, Wellness & Vitality (Episode 104) 

Mark Seeto

In the latest episode of the podcast, I recorded a solo episode sharing my 10 healthy habits to create more energy, positivity & vitality in your life. After posting some of my morning rituals and weekend lockdown practices on my instagram stories, I received loads of questions as to some of my positive practices (winter ocean swimming and all)! so I thought I would answer all your questions in this episode. In this episode, you’ll learn: The benefits of creating healthy habits and how they can significantly improve your energy, positivity and longevity. My morning and evening rituals, and how they set the tone for how I start and end […]


September 21, 2021

Solo Episode: 10 Healthy Habits To Create More Energy, Positivity & Vitality (Episode 64)

Healthy habits