Ex-Corporate Accountant, Woman Weightlifting Champion and Entrepreneur, Parisa Hayeri, is an inspiration and a force not to be reckoned with! I recently sat down with Parisa in her Sydney based gym, CrossFit 168- Kingsgrove, to talk all things business, weightlifting and future goals! 1. FIRST THINGS FIRST, HOW DID YOU ESTABLISH YOUR BUSINESS? WHAT GAVE YOU THE CONFIDENCE TO START AND HOW DID YOU KNOW THE TIMING WAS RIGHT? I started my business in 2016. Prior to this I was running a similar business with two partners for three years. When the partnership came to an end I knew I wanted to stay in the industry and was even more […]


April 29, 2018

Meet Parisa Hayeri: Woman Weightlifting Champion & Entrepreneur

Woman Weighlifting